Saturday, March 25, nib Stadium
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nib Stadium
310 Pier Street, Perth WA 6000

Ticket typePrice
Corporates Boxes - see Ticketmaster
Inner Sanctum$399.00 plus fees
Red Devils Marquee$299.00 plus fees
Platinum$159.00 plus fees
Gold$119.00 plus fees
Silver - Adult$99.00 plus fees
Silver - Child$79.00 plus fees
Manchester United Supporters Zone$119.00 plus fees
Manchester United Supporters Zone (alcohol free)$119.00 plus fees
Bronze$79.00 plus fees
Family Ticket$199.00 plus fees
Concession and Seniors$79.00 plus fees

Sale dates
Pre Sale DateWednesday 8 February 9am to Thursday 9 February 11.59pm (WST)
On Sale DateFriday 10 February 9am (WST)

Running times:

Running Times:

Gates: 5.00pm
Kick-off: 6.30pm

Times are subject to change

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Important Venue Information   ▼

nib Stadium Condition of Entry

Stadium Rules: 

  • Smoking is not permitted within any part of the Stadium. Patrons must exit the Stadium and stand at least 5m away from the venue
  • Bags and patrons may be subject to a search
  • Unauthorised entry to the field of play is strictly prohibited. Penalties under the Criminal Code Act 1913 (WA) s 70A(2), which states, '[a] person who, without lawful excuse, trespasses on a place is guilty of an offense and is liable to imprisonment for 12 months and a fine of $12,000
  • Tickets must be retained and are required to be produced upon request
  • Deliveries from external caterers are not permitted into the Stadium
  • Eskies, bags and other belongings must be stored underneath a venue seat or on a patrons lap
  • Prams and strollers must be smaller than 36cm height x 36cm width (length unrestricted) when folded and must be stored underneath a venue seat (reserved ticket holders) or stored in the venue cloaking facility (standing ticket holders)
  • Cameras (including digital cameras), audio and video recorders may only be brought into the Stadium at the discretion of Stadium Management (VenuesWest). In general, cameras with a lens larger than 200mm are not permitted and must be cloaked
  • Patrons are not permitted to transmit, broadcast, sell, license or otherwise publish, disseminate or reproduce any recordings of an event without the prior written approval of VenuesWest
  • Patrons are not permitted to sell goods or services at the Stadium with prior written approval from VenuesWest
  • Patrons must comply with all reasonable requests from VenuesWest


VenuesWest and the Licensee’s rights include but are not limited to the items listed below:

  • VenuesWest or the event promoter may use a Patron's image as part of any event recording and patrons consent VenuesWest or the promoter to do so
  • VenuesWest or the event promoter may film a patron as part of CCTV security footage or during an event recording and patrons consent VenuesWest or the promoter to do so
  • VenuesWest takes no responsibility for any lost or stolen items
  • VenuesWest takes no responsibility for personal injury to any patrons with patrons entering nib Stadium entirely at their own risk


Patrons are prohibited from bringing into nib Stadium the items listed below:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Illicit drugs
  • Selfie sticks
  • Aluminium cans (including sunscreen cans - sunscreen stations provided at venue)
  • Glass bottles (infant feeding bottles and perfume bottles allowed)
  • Flares and fireworks
  • Musical Instruments including loud hailers and vuvuzelas (unless pre-approved and music pass has been issued)
  • Umbrellas
  • Laser pointers
  • Flagpoles over 1.5 metres in length (unless pre-approved)
  • Weapons or anything assessed as a potential weapon
  • Animals (guide dogs excepted)
  • Articles displaying offensive or political messages
  • Cameras with lens larger than 200mm (including digital cameras)
  • Audio and video recorders
  • Eskies, bags, prams and strollers that can not be stored underneath a standard venue seat (when collapsed are no larger than 36cm deep x 36cm high)
  • Catering from external vendors unless for personal consumption
  • Any item deemed by Stadium Management to be either a danger or nuisance


For your safety and comfort, nib Stadium management (VenuesWest) reserves the right to refuse entry or evict patrons displaying unacceptable patron conduct including but not limited to:

  • Patrons under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Patrons displaying disorderly or inappropriate behaviour
  • Patrons who are offensively attired or whose attire may cause a hazard or compromise safety
  • Patrons with damaged tickets or without ID if concessional tickets have been purchased
  • Patrons who fail to follow the instructions of nib Stadium personnel or who interference with security procedures
  • Patrons who refuse bag and patron checks
  • Patrons attempting to take alcoholic beverages outside stadium licensed areas
  • Patrons who cause damage of any kind to Stadium property
  • Patrons smoking within any part of the stadium
  • Patrons entering the field or any other unauthorised area as an unauthorised person
  • Patrons failing to produce a ticket upon request
  • Patrons refusing to store eskies, bags or any other belongings underneath a venue seat or on the lap
  • Patrons refusing to store prams and strollers underneath a venue seat
  • Patrons selling goods or services at the Stadium without prior written approval from VenuesWest; and
  • Patrons refusing to comply with all reasonable requests from VenuesWest